Do You Have To Live With Mosquitoes?

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space Without Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are the deadliest insect on the planet, accounting for more than 700,000 deaths yearly and countless illnesses. They are also one of the most aggravating pests in existence. Mosquitoes ruin our enjoyment of outdoor spaces and events. We are ringing the dinner bell for these bloodthirsty, relentless predators when we step out the door, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to resign yourself to living with them or subject yourself to their annoyance and health hazards. Modern science and innovative technologies now offer viable solutions that can give you back to your backyard.

Mosquito Control Through The Ages

We’ve tried various methods for thwarting them throughout the ages, but none have been ideal. Early man learned that mosquitoes didn’t like the smoke from our fires. As we became more sophisticated, we learned that burning citronella grass had a beneficial effect. Products made with citronella are still used, but if you’ve tried them, you probably know they don’t work well.

In 1942, the first aerosol insecticide was invented. And then, in 1946, anoter breakthrough came, the development of N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide, aka DEET. DEET worked reasonably well and gave us a new option that we could apply to our skin. Spray-on repellent products work, but a sticky concoction of chemicals coating our bodies and clothes are still unpleasant, and you would have to shellac yourself from head to toe for optimal results. There’s a reason why that is, too. DEET doesn’t work because mosquitoes don’t like its smell. It works because it interferes with their receptors and masks your smell. Your body’s scent, heat, and the carbon dioxide you breathe out allow them to track you.

Other topical insect repellents have come along, but they have drawbacks, including those containing DEET. They can be toxic to our pets, and their safety often comes into question. Some cause skin problems and are also known to cause seizures when accidentally ingested.

Mosquito Myths

We’ve experienced some pest control quackery over the years, too. Sonic repellent devices are gimmicks that do not work, nor do wristbands. There was even a rumor that Irish Spring soap repelled them. That was false, too. “Manly, yes, but I like it too,” but so do mosquitoes. Other items that have claimed to be mosquito miracles, but disproved by science include garlic, bananas, vitamin B, Listerine, and dryer sheets. It was clear that scientists were not done, and we needed a better solution to mosquito problems.

What You Can Do To Control Mosquitoes

There are things you can do. Keep your grass mowed, your landscape trimmed, and plant citronella. Don’t have standing water sources on your property. Wear light-colored clothing, cover-up, and don’t wear flowery scented perfumes. Use topical repellents when you must. Light a fire. Use strong fans to create a curtain of air as a deterrent, and don’t go outside during peak times, typically morning and early evening. But even though these strategies can help somewhat, they are not real solutions.

Modern Mosquito Control By Natrix Pest Control

That “better solution” does exist, but DIY measures, gimmicky devices, and sticky sprays are not it. The real solution is professional yard treatment. Your backyard awaits. You should be out there enjoying it, firing up the grill, and having your friends and family over, too, not sitting inside the house or perpetually swatting away these troublesome pests. Yard treatment by an experienced pest control expert can make that possible.

Natrix Pest Control proudly offers a variety of strategic yard treatments to cull the mosquito populations around your home so that you can relax and enjoy your outdoor time in peace. These are not dubious gadgets or topical sprays you have to douse yourself with. They are state-of-the-art devices, products, and proven techniques that create an encompassing shield of protection. From temporary applications that can be employed just before outdoor events to the ongoing protection of permanent, time-release misting equipment, mosquito woes around your home can be a thing of the past.

Natrix Pest Control is a leader in pest control with a keen focus on the latest, science-driven developments in the industry. We have earned our reputation as the most reliable mosquito control service in Bakersfield, California. Not only are we effective but also affordable, and we’ll work with you to create a customized solution that is just right for your home. So, contact the best if you want to protect your landscape from one of the world’s worst pests. That’s Natrix Pest Control, and we are ready and waiting to serve you.