Why Local Pest Control Is Better Than Chains

Big Pest Control Chains Are Not The Best Option

Pest problems are inescapable, especially here in California, where we have many nuisance insects and other animals. Sooner or later, you are going to experience an issue, and when you do, you are going to need the assistance of a professional pest control service. Choosing the right one for your home or business can be challenging.

We know you have many options around Bakersfield, and you might even be tempted to consider a big chain. Those big national companies certainly have more aggressive, in-your-face advertising that is hard to ignore. But sometimes, you “don’t” get what you pay for. Chains often fall short on service and satisfaction. A locally-owned company is a better choice when you have a pest problem.

Pest Control Service “Near Me” Is More Effective Than Big Chains

Big chain pest control companies have a cookie-cutter, homogenized approach to treatment. They aren’t nearly as experienced with the typical pest issues in your community. Because of that, the solutions they offer are strictly by the book. You’ll likely see their reps toting around and consulting a manual to try to diagnose your problem.

On the other hand, small, locally-owned companies have local experience and familiarity. Their approach has been refined and focused on your community’s common pests and the solutions they know work best. This allows them to diagnose and resolve issues swiftly and effectively and customize a pest control treatment that suits your needs.

Local Companies Are More Affordable

Big corporate chains might claim to have competitive pricing, but that’s only the case when you compare them with other big chains. In reality, they have higher rates because they have higher operating expenses, and they fund them by charging you inflated prices. They are also typically more profit-driven and attempt to upsell you on things you may not need. When you contact the major players for a quote, the person you speak to is a paid salesman, and they earn a living from commissions, and upselling is part of the job. However, your local pest control company does not operate that way or have the extra overhead. Thus, they can offer a much more reasonable price for their services. Plus, they won’t try to coerce you into purchasing something unnecessary. That’s another benefit of working with your local businesses. They’ll treat you with the kindness and consideration of a neighbor because that’s precisely what they are.

Staying Local Is Better For Your Community

If you give your business to a big chain, those spending dollars leave your community and don’t return. But when you use a locally owned company, your dollars stay home. This type of conscientious spending benefits your entire neighborhood and supports your local economy.

Small Pest Control Companies Are More Focused On Quality

Local pest control offers quality and commitment that you won’t get from the big guys. Chains are notorious for being impersonal. They have a higher turnover and poorer customer service. Generally, their workers are less experienced, inconsistently trained, and don’t have the same work ethic or motivations. Their reps are in a hurry to get to their next appointment because they have corporate quotas to meet, and they rely on a constant influx of new customers through heavy advertising to stay afloat. Your local experts, in contrast, want to solve your problem and do right by you. They value your patronage and work hard to earn your repeat business. Quality workmanship and customer satisfaction matter to them because that’s how they succeed.

Relationships Make The Difference 

Developing an ongoing relationship with your local pest control company can make a huge difference. Pest control is not typically something you need only once. For most homeowners, it’s an enduring concern. When you opt for local, you’ll have someone looking out for you that you know and trust, not just now but into the future. You’ll see the same technician repeatedly, and that person develops an in-depth knowledge of your home’s history, concerns, and needs. What do you get from a big chain? Maybe a refrigerator magnet and a nonstop barrage of junk mail because you are just a number to them. Local businesses must provide top-quality services because, in a poll, 85% claimed to have grown their business by word-of-mouth referrals.

The Locals You Deserve 

One business stands out throughout Bakersfield and the surrounding areas: Natrix Pest Control. We are a family-owned operation with a heartfelt commitment to serving our community. Bakersfield is our home, and nobody knows and understands our region’s pest challenges. No matter your needs, we can help and provide you with the affordable, responsive, and outstanding quality pest control you deserve. Contact Natrix today, and let us show you why we’re the best.